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Royal Clothiers owner Carlos Perez is always looking to make new friends

Happy February, Morgan Hillians! There’s nothing like the scent of a new suit. That’s what captures you walking into Royal Clothiers, a downtown retailer. You'll feel a lot like a kid in a candy store as you quickly pan the racks of hundreds of high-quality suits to select from. But the brilliance of Tommy Bahama shirts captures your gaze, and you’ve got to start looking there first. Then within seconds you’re greeted by the warm smile of proprietor Carlos Perez. Although busy helping customers and fine tuning a pair of slacks, he took the time to chat a bit.

His father was a tailor and Carlos began his passion of tailoring at the age of 10. Dad was a soccer referee and Carlos helped make referee uniforms until he went to college in Mexico City. It was a couple years later when he came to the land of opportunity and arrived in San Jose by

Greyhound in 1987. Shortly thereafter he met renowned Bay Area clothier Chris Cassara and began tailoring

at Moda Italia in Los Gatos. After a couple weeks Mr. Cassara realized Carlos’ skills and moved him to the

Chris Cassara store just down from Taco Bell on Monterey. Anyone remember that place?

Moving to Morgan Hill was Carlos’ destiny and he opened his store in 2000. He found our town to be the

perfect place to raise a family and answer the family dream. It’s not about money, but he lives by the

belief that you work hard, treat your customers right, and the money will come. Along those lines, he shared

the secret of his success: “I don’t look to find customers, I look to make friends.” And that’s what Carlos does.

Waiting in the office I overheard a customer say, “That’s why we love you, Carlos,” and asked her why. She said his customer service is "the bomb" and he’s such a nice guy. She finds Tommy Bahama clothing online and has Carlos order what she wants in order to support him and buy local. Who said Morgan Hill’s not like Mayberry? Royal Clothiers is the go-to store for Tommy Bahama wear and Carlos has a wide selection. But his foundation is offering top-brand Italian suits. The biggest sellers are well-known Baroni, Mantoni and Renoir although he carries many others including Petrocelli, Enzo and Prontomoda. The shop is also a

popular local source for Tuxedo rental as Carlos carries the Jimmy’s Social Wear brand. He tailored for many local dry cleaners in the past, but it’s become too expensive, so now just tailors clothing sold in-house.

Royal Clothiers is located downtown at 17375 Monterey Road between Ivori Boutique and Betto’s Bistro. Hours are Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., closed weekdays between 2 and 3, and open Saturday 10a.m. to 5 p.m. You can reach Carlos at (408) 778-3469,, and find him on the web at

In closing he wanted to thank the loyal customers who have supported him all these years and is alway looking to meet new friends. Check out the store when you get a chance. Let Carlos know you read this column and he’ll discount your purchase 30 percent. Then spend the money saved at one of our great restaurants — LOL. Last but not least, Wine Stroll is set for April 30. Be on the watch for ticket info.

We are always looking for volunteers to pour and work the check-in table, so give us a call if you're interested.

Until then, wishing you the best. David Dindak is president of the Morgan Hill Downtown

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